Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Field

Mama: Alice?

Alice is in a deep sleep. She slowly rouses herself when she hears her mother calling in the distance.

Mama: Alice? Where can you have gone off to?

Alice's flickers her eyes open. Her limbs slowly come to life as well.

Mama: Alice?

Alice trys to respond. Her voice is not yet forthcoming. Her mouth is parched. She feels a sore bump on her head.

Mama: Alice?

Meanwhile, another guest from Mr Knightley's picnic is walking about the field of heather in search of Alice as well.

Mr Dodgson watches a bunny bound into the woods before he spots Alice.

Mr Dodgson: Lady Lidell, I do believe I've found her. The maiden doth layest amongst the heather admiring the stars that dare to peek out at this late afternoon hour.

Mr Dodgson points and waggles his finger down to a giggling Alice.

Alice is delighted to see her most favorite person in the world. Mr Dodgson has been her friend and partner in adventure for as long as she can remember.

Mama: Oh, Alice. Indeed. You have given me a start.

Thank you Mr Dodgson. You have such keen eyes. I'm afraid I can't see very far without my spectacles.

Come now, Alice. Our carriage awaits. It is time to depart Mr Knightley's picnic. Let us bid adieu to Mr Knightley and Emma there standing at the barouche.

With the help of Mr Dodgson's gentlemanly hand, Alice stands up and skips alongside her Mama and Mr Dodgson.

Alice: Mr Dodgson, can you tell me the tale with the rabbit again?

And then I want to tell you a story about a jackalope.

Mr Dodgson: Whatsit?

Yellow eyes from the darkened woods watch as Alice steps into the carriage.

~the end~


* not all wolves are bad

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