Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mr Dragon

Alice shivered as she wiped the thoughts of what would happen to her if she came across another EAT ME message.

Alice turned her attention back to the table spread and was taken with this exquisite tulip concoction.

Then, Alice was nudged on the left by Mr Dragon who said...

I sat by the Duchess at tea
it was just as I thought it would be
her rumblings abdominal
were truly phenomenal
and everyone thought it was me.

Mr Dragon too, took several sips of his coffee and reached across Alice to retrieve the coffee pot back from Mr Gorilla.

At the head of the table Mr Espresso offered Alice another beverage.

Mr Espresso: Alice, I see that coffee may not agree with you?

Alice: Oh, erm.

Mr Espresso: Please come forth and you may have some of this pink lemonade for refreshment.


* Please note: Mr Dragon is only 3 feet tall

* image source: steampunk dragon

* limerick source: another hubby favorite

* image source cake from MiraUncut

* part of Alice in Whatsitland (see schedule)

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