Saturday, March 13, 2010


Deeper into the woods Alice walks with Fairy Jellica and butterflies.

Yellow eyes watch them as they approach.

Alice: How will we find these Whatwolves?

Fairy Jellica: Mr Owl said they will find us.

Whatwolf: Indeed. Creatures, what are you about here in our woods?

With a start Alice jumps back as a huge wolf in a coat and a top hat displayed his grand self before them. Other yellow eyes remained watching from the shadows of the woods.

Fairy Jellica: We seek information.

Alice: Mr Owl thought you might be able to help me OUT of Whatsitland.

I must get back to Mr Knightley's picnic as Mama is calling and the Cerulean Queen is after my head!

Whatwolf: And what may I get in return for this bit of information?

Fairy Jellica: Alice, how about that loose button there on your dress.

Whatwolf: Yesssss, that will do.

Alice loosed the button more until it was undone.

Whatwolf: The only way OUT I know of for your kind is a secret well kept by the witch.

Alice: Is she wicked?

Is she evil?

Will she turn me into a frog?

Whatwolf: I think not. Not all witches are BAD.


! Witches don't always wear pointy hats. !

Come, follow me and I will take you to her cottage.


At this juncture of our story Fairy Jellica must leave Alice to the care of Whatwolf. For she must attend to Fae duties.

With a gentle kiss and adieu, Fairy Jellica and butterflies swirl away into the sky back to the House of Cards palace grounds.

to be continued tomorrow...


Question of the day: Buttons or zippers?


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