Saturday, March 13, 2010


Voice in Alice's head: Aaaaaaaliccccce

Alice: Who was that?

Fairy Jellica: Excuse me?

Alice: I heard a voice calling me.

Fairy Jellica: I heard nothing. And you know, we fairies have keen hearing.

Alice and Fairy Jellica make their way along a path in the woods and hear music.

Alice: I hear a piano.

Fairy Jellica: Yes, that is probably Acorn Fairy tickling the ivy.

Voice in Alice's head: Aaaaaaaliccccce

Alice: You know, I hear a voice again. It sounds like it might be my mother.

Fairy Jellica: Mayhaps. The voices of loved ones are quite often inner guides.

Alice: I should probably attend to her. But I do not know my way back.

Fairy Jellica: We can not go through The Gates or Glass Tunnel as they only lead IN and around Whatsitland.

I don't know how to go OUT because Whatsitland is my home and I never had the desire to leave.

Acorn Fairy: Greetings!

Fairy Jellica: Acorn Fairy! You're playing has much improved from when last I heard.

Acorn Fairy: Why thank you. The ivy has been trimmed and tuned recently and I've been practicing everyday. Hello, Miss.

Alice: Hello, I'm Alice.

Fairy Jellica: Did you watch the race? We just came from there and now we are trying to find the path OUT of Whatsitland. So that Alice can return to her home. But moreso because the Cerulean Queen is after her head!

Acorn Fairy: That race was fantabulous! I thought Peter Rabbit would win as his family has been in every race. Poor Peter and his jacket. He should probably run without it next time.

Off with Alice's head?!?

My word! we should not want that to happen!

And, the Cerulean Queen is not one I would want to ever meet. She does not think to highly of faery folk like us.

Hmmm, as for OUT of Whatsitland...

May I suggest a visit with Mr Owl. He is the wise one of this land after all. He should know.

Fairy Jellica: Quite right. Deeper into the woods we shall go. Ta-ta.

Acorn Fairy: Toodles

Alice: Thank you, good-bye.


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