Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Birds

Alice and Fairy Jellica reach a gnarly tree in the woods.

Fairy Jellica: Wait here, I'll be back.

Fairy Jellica and the butterflies fly up to an opening in tall tree nearby.

As Alice stands next to the gnarly tree, birds in the tree start to chatter at her.

! Madness is relative. !

! Real magic is as rare as a real smile, but they both exist. !

! Inside every woman, there is a queen. !

! Our souls are oceans, that's why human tears always taste of salt. !

! Sometimes a frog is just a frog. !


* giveaway of Sasha's book, Random Magic


* image source steampunk birds by Jim Mullan, spotted these at neatorama

* image source individual ornament birds

* !bird blurbs! created by guest, Sasha Soren, author of Random Magic

* part of Alice in Whatsitland (see schedule)

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the story continues...
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Images from: Lovelytocu