Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fairy Jellica

Back to the present predicament...

Alice: Oh dear. Oh dear me.

Fairy Jellica: Pray tell, miss, mayhaps I can be of service?

A beautiful fairy girl fluttered down to Alice and hovered above her as she spoke with a high pitched sing-song voice.

Fairy Jellica: I am Jellica, who might you be and what is distressing you?

Alice: Hello, I am Alice. I've eaten Ms Panther's mushroom and have shrunk down to this size. At this size it will take me forever and a day to reach the Wonderfully Wacky Whatsitland Race finish line.

Fairy Jellica: Ah, I see. One must be careful with Ms Panther's gifts. Sometimes they can cause unusual situations.

I've been watching the race and it is going wonderfully. Mr Jackalope passed here about ten minutes ago. I do believe he is in the lead.

Alice: Oh, brilliant. I've been trying to follow him all along. Can you help me?

Fairy Jellica: Yes, you must first close your eyes.

Alice closed her eyes. After a few heartbeats, she heard a whirring sound. She lifted one of her eyelids ever so slowly to peek.

Fairy Jellica: No peeking.

Alice quickly shut her eyes tightly. However, in the second she peeked she saw Jellica spinning with her arms raised in the air like a whirling dervish. Her butterfly entourage swirly swirled about her as she spun. What a delightful scene!

Fairy Jellica: You can open you eyes.

Alice opened her eyes and voila! She was back to her normal size. She hadn't felt a thing.

Alice: Oh, thank you. Thank you! However can I repay you?

Fairy Jellica: Something from your world would do.

Alice put her hands in her pockets to see if she could find something.

Alice: I have this. My blue hair ribbon?

Fairy Jellica: Excellent! How beautiful! Now, let's proceed. Follow me. I know a secret path that will take us there in half the time.


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