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The Dream of Perpetual Motion giveaway

The Dream of Perpetual Motion
by Dexter Palmer
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Just released: March 2, 2010

Description from publisher's site:
A debut so magical… so extraordinary… it has to be read to be believed….

Imprisoned for life aboard a zeppelin that floats high above a fantastic metropolis, the greeting-card writer Harold Winslow pens his memoirs. His only companions are the disembodied voice of Miranda Taligent, the only woman he has ever loved, and the cryogenically frozen body of her father Prospero, the genius and industrial magnate who drove her insane.

The tale of Harold’s life is also one of an alternate reality, a lucid waking dream in which the well-heeled have mechanical men for servants, where the realms of fairy tales can be built from scratch, where replicas of deserted islands exist within skyscrapers.. As Harold’s childhood infatuation with Miranda changes over twenty years to love and then to obsession, the visionary inventions of her father also change Harold’s entire world, transforming it from a place of music and miracles to one of machines and noise. And as Harold heads toward a last desperate confrontation with Prospero to save Miranda’s life, he finds himself an unwitting participant in the creation of the greatest invention of them all: the perpetual motion machine.

Beautifully written, stunningly imagined, and wickedly funny, The Dream of Perpetual Motion is a heartfelt meditation on the place of love in a world dominated by technology.

Flight to Taligent Tower

*** Giveaway ***

Alice and Mr Snail have found a book on the path. They must leave it behind as being so small they can't lift it. Too heavy.

Would you be interested in this steam read?

Win this book.

Open to all.

Offer ends April 11, 2010 --> extended to April 30, 2010

To do:

Comment below with your email and tell me:

In a steampunk world which fashion accessory with a twist would be part of your ensemble?

a) goggles with x-ray vision

b) locket with secret compartment of espionage purposes

c) parasol with a hidden knife in the handle

+1 or you create one and tell me

+1 visit steampunk Mr Snail and leave a comment there


Contest has ended - winner is here


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Courtesy of St. Martin's Press
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  1. After reading Soulless I'm very partial to parasol's so I have to go with C. I also love hitting people with fashion accessories, so that seems like the best pick for me! LOL

    +1 left a comment on Mr. Snail


  2. A parasol with a hidden knife in the handle...fashionable yet deadly!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  3. I'm going to go the Lady GaGa route and have GOGGLES with knives in them. How this will work? I haven't a clue. But, damnit, wouldn't that be cool?

  4. +1 - I like the parasol idea but mine would actually be a crossbow with a five bolt magazine.

    +1 Left a comment on Mr Snail


    Carol (International entry)

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  5. +1 I would choose the locket with hidden espionage purposes in it.

    There is something to be said about a spy with gadgets.

    +1 Create; a brooch that shoots poison into eyes of enemy, giving ample time to get away.


  6. I would choose the goggles with x-ray vision. I love steampunk googles!
    +1 comment on Mr. Snail


  7. Google with x-ray vision sounds pretty cool to me :)

    +1 commented on Mr. Snail

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  8. definitely c) parasol with a hidden knife in the handle. To be all pretty and shy but deadly would be awesome.

    +1-Commented to Mr. Snail

  9. whatinabox at gmail dot com

    +1 A locket with a secret compartment would be most useful because, obviously, I keep my knife in my boot heel. :-D

    +1 Mr. Snail comment

  10. I do like the idea of that locket, however, I'm going to have to design my own.
    I would have a corset with electrically charged boning, so if any Victorian fool decided to get handsy, I could put the improper git in his place.
    +1 Love Mr Snail, left multiple comments.

  11. +1 Oh man. I've spent a couple days thinking about this. Actually, I misunderstood you to mean actually making one in real life... ... in any case, out of those choices, I'd pick the parosol, of course. Another one could be ... a parachute dress? Somehow the parachute is the dress, and as you're falling, a special cord can be pulled... ah.

    +1 I commented on mr snail a loooong time ago. xD

  12. In a steampunk world which fashion accessory with a twist would be part of your ensemble?

    b) locket with secret compartment of espionage purposes

    +1 or you create one and tell me
    Earrings that can shoot laser beams when I activate it.

    +1 visit steampunk Mr Snail and leave a comment there - DONE!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  13. +1 or you create one and tell me
    A hat with a net in front which carries poison that can be blown away when approaching for a kiss.

    +1 visit steampunk Mr Snail and leave a comment there
    Did it!

  14. And the email:


  15. This book has one of the best titles ever!

    +1 - A hand-held fan that throws poisoned darts!

    +1 - I commented on the snail!

    educhico AT gmail DOT com

  16. I would pick the locket with the secret compartment. You never know what needs to be hidden!

    +1 Commented on the Mr. Snail post.


  17. Wow - those graphics are gorgeous! Hmm...

    +1 I think I would create my own fashion:
    Copper-filligreed Garters inset with rubies and miniature clocks - the clock on my LEFT garter would take me 1 hour forward in time, while the Right garter would take me 1 hour BACK in time. With an unobtrusive yet feminine adjustment to my 'underthings', I could extricate myself from the trouble I would surely get into in a Steampunk World lol

    Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  18. +1 Left a comment at Mr. Snail (God, that snail is awesome!!! Some of these artisans are incredibly creative!) :D

    Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  19. +1 - A cane that gives an electric shock to everyone who touchs it besides me.

    +1 - Commented on Mr. Snail.

    joanapatriciadias AT gmail DOT com

  20. Velvet, you always have the best giveaways (and most of the time I'm too busy to check out all your updates - and I miss them!). So I'm very glad I caught this one, because this book sounds amazing. Steampunk + fairy tale? I am so THERE. Thanks for the chance to win.

    I'd definitely go with the x-ray goggles.


  21. Loved your review. Sounds like a zaney book.

    I would have to go with goggles with x-ray vision. Can see through everything and see who is bad.. or who is good..LOL

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this terrific giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  22. +1 - A rubi necklace that allows for hypnotism.

    +1 - I talked on Mr Snail

    agcestrela [@] gmail [.] com

  23. +1 - Net gloves with fabric embeded in poison.
    Anyone I compliment, dies!

    +1 - I commented on Mr Snail.

    goncalo DOT mil AT gmail DOT com

  24. I'm not big on imagination, but I will try to come up with something.
    Some folding brass binnoculars for Opera that can be used as target-locks to shoot some poison darts.
    And commented on Mr Snail, so it's +2 for me.


  25. I'm torn between b) and c). I think both could be awfully handy :)

  26. +1 - A velvet pair of red and black gloves that had incorporated in the material a serum of truth that made anyone I touch fall under my domain.

    +1 - Comment on Mr Snail

    39.5susy AT gmail DOT com

  27. Well, since I'm in the middle of reading Soulless, I'd have to say that a parasol with a knife at the end would be my choice. :-)

  28. hmm.. B :)

    trisha 81 (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. Awesome comp - and Mr Snail is both cute AND inspiring.

    1 - My choice from your list would be the goggles, because vision enhancers are, naturally, awesome.

    +1 - Obviously steampunk espionage isn't complete without an automatonic Ornithopter. So, a flapping, buzzing, clockwork-powered, programmable hovering spy is my number one espionage tool.

    +1 - OMG SNAIL

  30. I choose B) the locket with espionage tools and supplement it with...

    +1 ...A Paricopter Deluxe! By all appearances, this is merely an ordinary (yet highly stylish) parasol, but when activated, the panels of the Paricopter Deluxe unfurl into a pinwheel formation and spin at a high volacity thus lifting the user off the ground and whisking them to safety (or adventure!). Deluxe version includes: Paricopter in your choice of color; secret compartments in handle with 1 cyonide pill, 1 vial of truth syrum, and a micro spyglass; retractible bayonet; 100 meters of Spiderline, ideal for trip lines, repelling, and detaining adversarries.

    +1 commented on Mr. Snail :)


    Great contest! I've never heard of this book before, it sounds really cool! And I love the whole The Tempest vibe with the names.

  31. a) goggles with x-ray vision --- my favourite steampunk accessory!*_*

    +1 visit steampunk Mr Snail and leave a comment there

    This book sounds really amazing! Please count me in!^O^


    Giada M.

    fabgiada @

  32. c) parasol with a hidden knife in the handle!

  33. a) goggles with x-ray vision.

    Please enter me in this giveaway!

    +1 I commented on Mr. Snail.

    familyhistree at yahoo dot com

    Sarah E

  34. a) goggles with x-ray vision.


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