Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wonderfully Wacky Whatsitland Race - Results

Alice and Fairy Jellica passed through the last orange gate and join the crowd of spectators at the Wonderfully Wacky Whatsitland Race finish line. Such a colorful crowd and collection of humans and animals dressed to the nines.

They were just in in time to see the top finishers cross the line.

Alice: squeeeeee!

Mr Jackalope is neck and neck with Hare.

Alice: Mr Jackalope has won!
jumps up and down with delight


Wonderfully Wacky Whatsitland Race Results:

Gold: Mr Jackalope
Silver: Hare
Bronze: General Nippon

4th place: Peter Rabbit


Race Announcer: ... and the Silver medal goes to -- Hare.

Hare is awarded the medal with the customary kiss on each cheek and a bouquet of carrots.

But wait, he is removing his medal.

And replacing it with another.

Tortoise who is standing next to Alice chuckles.

Hare is now sporting a Plushenko Platinum medal!

Someone from the crowd gasps: Scandalous!

Fairy Jellica: so it goes
and smiles to herself


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