Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ms Panther

Midway through the glass tunnel a crystal panther materialized in front of Alice.

Honey, watcha be doin here in my tunnel? purrrrrrrrrr

A wide-eyed Alice, responded politely.

Hello, I am Alice and I was following Mr Jackalope outside as he was running in the Wonderfully Wacky Whatsitland Race. I wanted to see if he wins. I lost track of him and thought he may have gone through this tunnel. Have you seen him?

Oh, yessssss. purrrrrrrrrrr. He gone went out the other end. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thank you, I must be on my way then so as not to miss anything.

No worries, sweetie. purrrrrrrrrrrr. While you tarry in this here tunnel, time is suspended. When you leave my tunnel only a few seconds will have passed since you entered. purrrrrrrrrrrrr So feel free to linger awhile. purrrrrrrrr

Why thank you, uhhhh, erm.

I be Ms Panther. purrrrrrrrrrr and to help with your trip behind the door at the other end I wish to offer you some gifts. purrrrrrrrrrr

ooo, Alice liked gifts.

Ms Panther hopped onto a glass ball and motioned Alice to come closer.

Alice dear, push the button on the right. purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Alice did what she was told and a small opening appeared next to the button. Alice reached inside and retrieved a package.

Cookie, now, push the button on the left. purrrrrrrrrrrrr

Again Alice followed the instructions and found another neatly wrapped package.

Sugarlumps, I hope these help you while you are in Whatsitland. purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Why, thank you Ms Panther.

Alice looked down to admire the beautifully wrapped packages and decided to pocket them for now. She looked back up to ask Ms Panther about the gifts and about Whatsitland. But Ms Panther had disappeared as mysteriously as she appeared.


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