Monday, May 30, 2011

Pirate Paul

On a serious note...

Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson
Directed by Trish Dolman
Release date: 2011 Canada

Description from Film Catalogue:
ECO-PIRATE: THE STORY OF PAUL WATSON is a feature-length documentary about a man on a mission to save the planet and its oceans.

Part Captain Nemo, part Grizzly Man, the film follows Watson in the act as he repeatedly flouts the law, so that he may apprehend what he sees as the more serious law-breakers the illegal poachers of the world.

From the genesis of Greenpeace to the sinking of a pirate whaling ship off Portugal, from clashes with fisherman in the Galapagos to Watsons recent headline-grabbing battles with the Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctica, this documentary chronicles the extraordinary life of one of the most controversial figures in the environmental movement.


Heads up:

Pirate Ewan

A biopic film, Ocean Warrior, about Captain Paul Watson is in the making. Our Ewan McGregor is slated to play the eco-pirate.
- per The Film Stage, Jan 2011

Read the book...

Ocean Warrior:
My Battle to End the Illegal Slaughter on the High Seas
by Captain Paul Watson
forward by Farley Mowat


* image sources: Paul Watson, sea shepherd flag, Ewan Mcgregor, red eco pirate tshirt

* first spotted this movie news at Care2

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