Sunday, May 15, 2011

Triton's Tavern: meetup

You can get morning grub from Triton's Tavern as well...

And while you're here, stick around for a musical performance. Rodrigo and Gabriela are setting up on stage. Grab a seat up close so you can admire their mad guitar skills.


Wot be the news, Tilly? asks Capn Vix as she gobbles down her plate o'breakfast.

Thar be a bit o'mischief on Thursday. Blogger posts gone missing 'n all. Methinks the hooligans be in the gallows now. But not all posts recovered. Give an eye to the board. Some new posters be thar, Tilly turns to tend to Dr Stravagante in the corner.

BTW: take a look at the ...and a bottle o'rum schedule to see all the Dr Stravagante pirate goodies added last week - couple giveaways there that might interest you

OY! Capn Vix thar be Cinematic Swashbucklers! and a Cutthroat Island DVD giveaway at Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf today, hollers the barkeep, McAvoy.

Capn Vix nods and heads over to the board. She is taken with...

The ruthless Captain Red Jack is holding
RVB (aka Red Velvet Blazer) for ransom.
If you have any information to the whereabouts
or connections to Captain Red Jack or his crew
please notify Lord Darlish,
Gov. of Port Malchance, Jamaica
read more details here
stay tuned: part 2 will be posted this afternoon


Tilly heads over to your table through the bustling crowd.

Wot can I get ya this fine mornin?


And now, sit back and relax to today's pirate tune...

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
performed by Rodrigo y Gabriela
on Jay Leno show 5.13.11


* image sources: pirate eggs and bacon, rvb

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