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PiRat review: The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook by Jason Heller

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by Book Rat
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And now the first tale from the Capt. PiRat...

Review snippet of: The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook by Jason Heller

This was a pretty fun book, mixing real pirate lore and superstition with elements from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, in a how-to style. There are the things every pirate should know, like how to climb rigging or properly insult someone ("feculent maggot" being my personal favorite, followed closely by "salty wench").

There are also the less expected tips on things like How to Disguise Your Gender* or How to Cope with Mermaids.

There are pictures and ...

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Capt. PiRat Says:
Avast! Here be a strange log indeed. This "Jason Heller" be one scurvy dog, methinks, to whisper pirate secrets so.

Mayhap he didn't sign the articles, or mayhap he forgot dead men tell no tales...

Not to mention, the bilge-rat seems to 'ave left one very important piRATe off of his list o' the greatest pirates!

Don't be foolin' yerself that readin' o' this book'll make ye a pirate - Pirates be born, not made...

[But I do be wantin' t' take another look o'er the chapter on findin' the Fountain o' Youth, truth be told...]


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by Book Rat
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