Monday, May 9, 2011

Pirate Norah

Chasing Pirates
by Norah Jones

Like Pirate Vix, this gal is chasing after her own pirate...

In your message you said, you were goin' to bed,
but I'm not done with the night.

So I stayed up and read,
but your words in my head,
got me mixed up so I turned out the light.

And I, don't know how, to slow it down.
My mind's racing from chasing pirates.

Well the man in there swings while the silliest things,
floppin around in my brain.

And I try not to dream but them possible schemes,
swim around, wanna drown me in synch.

And I, don't know how, to slow it down.

Oh my mind's racing from chasing pirates.

My mind's racin' from chasing pirates.


* lyrics source: Chasing Pirates

~-~~-~ ...and a bottle o'rum schedule ~-~~-~


  1. Thanks for the video :)

  2. What a great song. And her hair looks so good short.

  3. I LOVE this song! I just love Norah!

  4. Such a pretty song and a great video!

  5. Thank you for posting this song! *_*


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