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RMT: Pirates! Music Hop

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Ahoy, me darlin', ye've found a jolly round of songs for swashbucklers.

Music is a strong theme in Random Magic -- so strong, in fact, that one of the celestial characters Winnie and Henry meet is Efterpe, the Muse of music.

So, for the love of music (and pirates), here’s a fun music hop to check out, featuring all kinds of delicious tunes piratical.

Start anywhere you like -- for each blog stop, you’ll be able to enjoy a merry tune, then just sail off to the next port for another round.

Hoist the mizzen and away we go!

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Songs for: Saucy pirates

Santiano – The Pyrates Royale
(Bosun Bonney Peg Riley, a.k.a. Lynn Cunningham)

The Navy would never have a lass at sea
Aweigh, Santiano
So I went in search of piracy
Along the coast of Mexico
And now we sail the Southern Seas
Aweigh, Santiano
And we'll have those Navy lads on their knees
Along the coast of Mexico

So heave her up and away we'll go
Aweigh, Santiano
To Mexico where the warm winds blow
Along the coast of Mexico


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Random Magic quote of the piratey persuasion:

‘What are those?’ Henry said, coming up behind her to stare over her shoulder.

Winnie squinted out at the water.

‘Figments of imagination.’

‘Are they dangerous?’

‘Well…only if you can see them.’ (More)

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Reader note: Do you have a favorite pirate tune?

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