Thursday, May 19, 2011

Theme Thursday: Treasure Lost

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This week's theme: MALE PERSON
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Treasure Lost
by R.G. Cordiner

The youths were too young to drink, yet old enought to try. The publican had been in this situation many a time before. He figured that they were not just buying their first pint, but a lifetime of enslavement to the amber drop, and where better to become addicted, than in his 'fine' establishment. The two teenagers gratefully handed over their coins and quickly retreated to their alcove, lest the owner have time to reconsider. As they slowly sipped at their drinks they felt as if it was a form of magic elixir that immediately transformed them. No longer did they feel trapped in the chasm between child and adult. In one sip, they believed they had made the leap from one to the other without all of that impatient waiting. Their bony chests swelled out and they broke out in enormous grins. Little did they know that it was mostly flavoured water that they were drinking.

"This is great ale," exclaimed Peter.


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