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RMT: Pirates! Sea Wolves Reading Circle

RMT: Pirates!
Reading Circle
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Ahoy, maties! Here be a treasure chest of
great piratey reads, plucked from shelves
by a scandalous crew from near and far.


A classic with a pirate...

Frenchman's Creek
by Daphne du Maurier
- freedom
- piracy
- independent spirited heroine

I am currently reading this and loving du Maurier's rich writing style. It is has a way of pulling you in with its descriptions and insight of the characters.

A modern book with an unusual kind of pirate...

The Code of the Zombie Pirate:
How to Become an Undead Master of the High Seas
by Scott Kenemore
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- pirates with a zombie twist
- amusing illustrations
- lots of LOL moments

Excerpt of Table of Contents:
(i picked out a few to share from the list of 27 chapters)

ch 2: The Benefits of Zombie Pirates (Over, Say, Regular Pirates or Regular Zombies)

ch 10: How "Slow" Now Equals "Absolutely Terrifying"

ch 11: Yo, Ho, Ho, and Now Let's Eat Some People (a.k.a. "Prey")

ch 21: (Zombie) Pirate Ports

ch 23: (Un)dead Man's Chest

Yes, pirates lurk in here too...

Random Magic
by Sasha Soren
- adventure
- faboo
- whimsy

In Random Magic, Winnie Flapjack encounters a bloodthirsty crew of pirates and bests them with magic. Read more about Winnie at Beyond Strange New Words.

NEXT, in this reading circle...

Willowdust Reviews - Tina’s Book Reviews

Bonus! Classic pirate (free) reads:

Kate Bonnet: The Romance of a Pirate’s Daughter, by Frank R. Stockton
READ online

The Queen of the Pirate Isle, by Bret Harte
READ online

The Story of the Barbary Corsairs, by Stanley Lane-Poole and
Lieut. J. D. Jerrold Kelley
READ online

NOW, HOP ALONG for more...

The Fluidity of Time
i'm gonna try: Tales of Daring and Danger by G.A. Henty (classic)

This Miss Loves To Read
Twitter: @MissIrenne
i'm gonna try: The Noble Pirates by Rima L. Jean (romance)

What Book Is That?
Twitter: @heynocupcake
i'm gonna try: Song of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy (scifi pirates)

Cerebrate’s Contemplations
Twitter: @cerebrate
i'm gonna try: not yet posted

My Love Affair With Books
Twitter: @Misha_1989
i'm gonna try: The Pirate's Daughter by Margaret Cezair-Thompson (historical - Errol Flynn)

vvb32 Reads - uh, yah, that's me! -right here!
Twitter: @vvb32reads
you gonna try: my above picks!

Willowdust Reviews - Tina’s Book Reviews
Twitter: @BooksAtTinas
i'm gonna try: Bloody Jack by L.A Meyer

Songs and Stories
Twitter: @LiederMadchen
i'm gonna try: Inda by Sherwood Smith (fantasy)

The Diary of a Bookworm
i'm gonna try: The Price of Freedom by A.C. Crispin (Pirates of the Caribbean)


* image source: Frenchman's Creek book

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