Monday, May 2, 2011

...and a bottle o'rum: Triton's Tavern

Triton's Tavern

Fancy a pint?

The Balclutha has just sailed in with a shipment of some fine scotch whisky and dutch bitters.

The barkeep, McAvoy and his head wench, Tilly, are here to please.

If you wish to quench your thirst or have questions, queries or concerns, this is the place.

Bits of event news and gossip will come through this local haunt as well.

The sidebar will have links to the latest pirate gossip &etc.

If you would like to share a current pirate related link of your own or from the blogosphere feel free to leave it in comments.


So have a seat, and tell McAvoy what to fill in your mug.

B E W A R E: who knows what upstanding or unsavory characters you may meet in this pub. Keep your weapons at the ready!

And now, a bit of entertainment...


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