Thursday, May 19, 2011

RMT: Pirates! Musical Blog Hop - vvb's takes

RMT: Pirates!
Mermaid’s Cove Musical Blog Hop
vvb's takes on the tunes

Shiver me timbers!

Here be a round of jolly tunes about the sweet trade.

My Love Affair With Books
Songs for: Bold pirates
Victory - The Pirates and Mike Brady
My take: toe-tapping and pump your fist in the air kind of tune
Christopher Atkins in The Pirate Movie, really?

Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell
Songs for: Gloomy pirates
The Pirate’s Gospel – Alela Diane
My take: makes me sway
appalachian feel
yo ho, yo ho, yo ho ho

Elbit Blog
Songs for: Accidental pirates
Captain Kidd – Great Big Sea
My take: merry band with a merry tune

vvb32 Reads - uh-huh, 'tis me ;-D
Songs for: Saucy pirates
Santiano – The Pyrates Royale
My take: this one is my fave!
arrrrr! with a bit of a capella
And we'll have those Navy lads on their knees
arrrr ;-D

The True Book Addict
Songs for: Scary pirates
Pirate Jenny - Ute Lemper
My take: love the noir
kill them now or later... brrr makes me shiver

Seeräuber Jenny - Lotte Lenya
My take: ooo, a tune from the 1930s
enjoyed the the video footage as much as this sweet dramatic tune

Willowdust Reviews - Tina’s Book Reviews
Songs for: Pirate queens
The Red Queen – Leigh Ann Hussey
fyi: selected as the unofficial RMT: Pirates! tour tune
My take: second fave from this lot o'tunes
made the jolly dutchman weep

Diary of a Bookworm
Songs for: Poetic pirates
Pirate – Jen CassListen
My take: ooo, pretty tune indeed
with a swashbuckler’s grin

Songs for: Brave seafarers of every kind, and a moment for all the lost ships.
Lady of the Sea – Seth Lakeman
My take: modern fast ditty with mermaids in the month o'may

Eating YA Books
Songs for: Jovial pirates
Pieces of Eight – Captain Bogg & Salty
My take: ha! LOL
makes you want to jump up-n-down
and up-n-down some more
what's a harbinger?

Vampires and Tofu
Songs for: Ominous pirates
Dead Men Tell No Tales – Nox Arcana
My take: dark, eerie, spooky, yo hooooo (in a deeeep voice)
for such secrets are known only to the phantoms of the high seas

Songs and Stories
Songs for: (Delightfully) campy pirates
I Am a Pirate King (Oh, better far to live and die…) - The Pirates of Penzance (Gilbert and Sullivan)
My take: gotta love this classic

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