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A Dandy In Distress (Part 3 of 3)

A Dandy In Distress
(Part 3 of 3)

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Having been invited for a brief jaunt to sample a glass of tasty port, he discovered that he’d been under a slight misapprehension. His new companions weren’t simply dressed like pirates.

were pirates…

(Part the Last: And That’s How It All Happened)

Lady Prunella (with best wishes from Pobby)

Briefly, dear - we're coming along to rescue you!

Lady Prunella (with best wishes to Pobby)

But, darling, I don't wish to be rescued. I find the sea air wonderfully bracing. Oh, and only wait until you see -- this delightful fellow has shown me several ingenious knots which I will now apply to my toilette, my cravat will be the envy of the season.

Captain Red Jack
The Gov.

Ransom waived. Just TAKE him.

And so ends this curious tale of darling R.V.B. being held to ransom by a wicked crew of pirates who fell vanquished, at last, not to the stout arm of the law but the pitilessly insouciant gleam in the eye of a born dandy.

Of course, R.V.B is his own creation, but surely there must be others about -- and so, it’s an unfortunate eventuality that others of his delightful ilk might very possibly, from time to time, come manicure-to-sword with ruthless bands of brigands and so be carted off to be ransomed by pirates with no idea of the horrors ahead of them.

Ah, this band of savage and reckless men.

Alone on the sea and all defenseless, trapped with a dandy.

Gentles, let us pray for them.

Note: Lucien Dupreix, Lord Darlish, Captain Red Jack, Port Malchance, All About The Town, The Tattler, and other assorted details, persons, publications or place names are of course fictional.

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* must admit, R.V.B. is my most favorite sideline character in Random Magic by Sasha Soren, of course part of the appeal is that he shares my name ;-D

* guest post from Random Magic Tour: Pirates!

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