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A Dandy In Distress (Part 2 of 3)

A Dandy In Distress
(Part 2 of 3)
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Having been invited for a brief jaunt to sample a glass of tasty port, he discovered that he’d been under a slight misapprehension. His new companions weren’t simply dressed like pirates.

were pirates…

(Part the Third: The Weather Continues Charming)

Note: This was scratched out and labeled in a hand significantly less adventurously rife with attendant flourishes:
Lord Darlish, Gov. of Port Malchance, Jamaica

What a fine fencer the captain is! Our introduction was perhaps a bit abrupt and he's rusty on the Capo Ferro defense, as he presented arms, do you know, to the back of my wonderful new velvet overcoat, very nearly damaging the wonderful line. Lucien Dupreix, you know. Perhaps he slipped.

As the sea air is bracing, perhaps I might offer to share some pointers on this delicate art. Yes, how diverting a way to spend the afternoon, will make inquiries.

Captain Red Jack
The Gov.

Ransom of 200 pieces of eight and send boat quickly.

The Gov.
Captain Red Jack

Offer 100 pieces of eight for safe return.

(Part the Third: R.V.B. Very Nearly Causes A Mutiny)

Lady Prunella

(Transcript from facing page of this piece of paper, which has now mysteriously gone missing…)

Dear lady:

As running low on store of stationery, must make do with this. The captain is a fine fellow and surely it won’t be taken amiss that I’ve taken the liberty of helping myself to a tiny sheet of paper found wedged under a barrel.

I’ve acquired this charming bit of stationery -- etched, I believe, isn’t it a perfect picture -- so as not to trouble him with having to provide his very best cream stock or embossed writing paper and so on.

He’s a perfectly delightful host and one must be a thoughtful guest, and I endeavor always to be just such a one.

Have made a wonderful discovery! Do you know, sea salt is a natural starch and so have been keeping my spirits buoyant by at least appearing with immaculately starched collars, wherever I may be.

(Part the Third: A Desperate Crew )

Lady Prunella
(By later post)

Have spent otherwise uneventful evening being lashed to posts with interesting knots until I undid them, and then we’d have another jolly go at it. Perhaps this is another sort of diversion to while away the long hours at sea. Well, they must tire of charades, from time to time. The fellow did fashion them a bit snugly in the latter few rounds, but I chalk that up to enthusiasm.

PS: Please do ask Pobby to send word that they should perhaps try the sails à gauche, as this allows for a far more favorable cast of light midday, when strolling the deck.

Of course, otherwise, it's so difficult to get one's letters in properly, with the sun in one's eyes. Terribly inconsiderate and so unflattering.

I'd have a word with the captain, but have been told he's had to have a bit of a lie-down. Dear chap, I do hope it's nothing incommodious.

Note: This was scratched out and labeled in a hand significantly
less adventurously rife with attendant flourishes:

Lord Darlish, Gov. of Port Malchance, Jamaica

I’ve been invited to fight a duel -- not on board, but we must row all the way out to a nearby island. Not that I have any particular aversion to a bit of thrust and parry, but, what, in that very tiny ship, I really must decline, with thanks. I'd be indecorously ill.

And what a manner of presentation, as well -- nary a glove, nor a second, and how we’d manage thirty paces apiece on this bijou deck, I simply cannot imagine.

These things must be done comme il faut, with a dab of panache, not just a bit of thumpery with swords. He also does seem to be somewhat vague on Capo Ferro or even the rudiments of that divine Saviolo’s footwork, and one must be sporting and give the fellow a fighting chance, what’s more.

He’s suggested pistols, but I’d never bestow upon my lovely new vest the indignity of such unnecessary violence. The very idea. Whatever would dear Lucien Dupreix say?

It would mean the utter ruination of one of his masterworks. He'd fall at once into a dozen fits. No, it just won’t do. Still no word on that limoncello. The novelty pales.

Join us tomorrow for the conclusion of: A Dandy In Distress.

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