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PiRat review: Steel by Carrie Vaughn

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by Book Rat
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And now the first tale from the Capt. PiRat...

Review snippet of: Steel by Carrie Vaughn

There are a lot of elements to Steel that seem as if its bound to be a win.
Fencing? ☑
Pirates? ☑
Time travel? ☑
A touch of romance? ☑
They’re all there. But I never really connected to Steel the way I would have liked.

I mean, it was enjoyable enough, but there were some things that held me back and created a bit of a disconnect.

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Capt. PiRat Says:
Yar, there be swashbucklin' aplenty in Steel. But this Jill be a barmy lass if she think a little bit of frippering with an epeƩ prepare her for piratin'. That be playactin'.

Bein' a pirate means days o' hard working - and nights o' hard drinking. Little Jilly be plucky enough, but she's no Anne Bonny.

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by Book Rat
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