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by Giada
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Pirates wore earrings prior to Golden Age and after the Golden Age, when earrings were fashionable. But there is no real evidence to show that pirates generally wore earrings.

In 1701, the pirate Theophilus Turner, who had been pardoned and was demanding to return some of his plunder, made a desposition, which is possibly the only reliable evidence of pirates having worn earrings:

333 pieces of Arabian gold and 2 gold earrings
100 pieces of Christian gold 20 Ounces of Gold Dust
3 Silver Rings with Stones in ym.
2 Silver Rings with Diamonds in them
1 Gold Ring with a Red Stone
3 Gold Rings with diamonds in them
100 pieces of Eight
29 pieces of Eight in Double Bitts
An Agate and a square stone inlaid
A little Leather case with 3 pairs of gold buttons
3 or 4 morris Stones and others, no.13
One little gold box

However we don’t know for sure whether Turner wore earrings or simply owned them.

Another piece of evidence could be the flag of the pirate Henry Avery.

Can you see the earring?

But it is impossible to trace the origin of that flag and to determine whether it was really Avery’s.

About WHY pirates wore earrings, the reasons are diverse and explanations are often contradictory.

1) Eyesight Improvement
Pirates believed their vision would be improved by wearing earrings, because earrings warded off eyesight-thieving evil spirits. Anyhow acupuncturists have confirmed that the earlobe has nerve endings connected to the eyes.

2) Sea sickness
Pirates believed that sea sickness was caused by a petite imbalance and that the problem could be solved by wearing an earring in one ear.

3) Portable wealth
Wearing gold earrings is a safe way of transporting one’s wealth around.

4) Funeral expenses
Pirates trusted that if a pirate drowned and his body was found, the finder would use the earrings to pay for his funeral.

5) Admission in afterlife
After entering the spirit world, pirates would pay with their earrings to be admitted into the afterlife

6) Shipwreck survival
Pirates who survived shipwrecks would mark their good fortunes by donning earrings, that would protect them from another disaster.

7) Mark of a voyage
After a particular voyage (going south of the Equator or rounding Cape Horn), pirates would mark the occasion by wearing earrings.

But probably the one and only reason pirates (maybe) wore earring was:

8) Fashion
I don’t think pirates are immune to fashion trends.

What do *you* think?


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by Giada
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