Saturday, May 28, 2011

Triton's Tavern: clues

Triton's Tavern

!!! ssquawkk !!!
!!! ssquawkk !!!

!!! ssquawkk !!!
!!! ssquawkk !!!

oy, Vix
whut's yer bird
goin on about?
barkeep, McAvoy asks in an irritated tone.

!!! ssquawkk !!!
!!! ssquawkk !!!

hush, goliath
here's some peanuts
Captain Vix offers and soothes her bird.

!!! ssquawkk !!!
~gobbling on the tasty tavern nuts~

!!! ssquawkk !!!
!!! ssquawkk !!!

matilda, your earbobs
they are a fine sight
where did ya find em?
Captain Vix pats Goliath's head to soothe his excitement.

aye, they's be gifts
from me fella

!!! ssquawkk !!!
!!! ssquawkk !!!

he said there's a bloke
selling fancies like these
over at The Nymph's Node

if'n you hurry
you can fetch yerself
something fine
Tilly gives her head a shake to jingle-jangle the earbobs.

may i take closer look our captain leans in to inspect.

For those of you playing the rum + plunder hunt: leave a pirate-themed HAIKU in comments to earn an extra 5 points with this coin above.

For those not in the hunt game: give me a tickle and write me a pirate-themed haiku if'n you please ;-D

Here's mine:

sweet tilly o'mine
have ye another tankard?
och, me mouths run dry
-so say the many pirates who visit Triton's Tavern


Pirates on the seas
Searching, searching, for more coin
Gold is what they love
-Pirate Sami


Ahoy me mate
Git' on board n join the crew
for the rum n plunder
-Pirate Kiwi


Pirate Vix recognizes a certain mark on Tilly's earbobs and jumps up right quick heading for the door. Goliath flies out right behind her.

Mayhaps she is on her way to The Nymph's Node. For those markings sure looked similar to the Narwal's.

Before we head out the door to join Pirate Vix to finally lay our eyes on this Narwal, let us sit back to listen to today's entertainment at Triton's Tavern.

Get an earful of this fancy fiddlin'...

He's A Pirate
live at Tempodrom
with violinist David Garrett


* image source David Garrett

* David Garrett became the world's fastest violinist by playing Flight of The Bumble Bee in 1minute 6.56 seconds, an amazing 13 notes per second in 2008.

* more clues for coin locations can be found on the Triton's Tavern sidebar scuttlebutt links

*Pirate Freda has just informed me...

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