Friday, May 20, 2011

Triton's Tavern: meetup

Triton's Tavern

When barkeep McAvoy looks up to see who has entered the tavern, he drops the glass he is polishing and stands agape.

Oy, Tilly, tis the Pirate Sami, thar! She be in the lead of the rum + plunder hunt these days (take a look at sidebar for standings). Her pockets be overflowing with gold coins! Make sure to treat her nice, now.

Och! me manners be prim and proper like, you knows me to be such. Mayhaps we get Jamie to tend to her. Tilly picks up the dropped glass and returns it to McAvoy.

Aye, he be a handsome lad. He may well help lighten Pirate Sami's pockets... McAvoy smiles and winks as Tilly bustles away to look for Jamie.

(fer those of you not knowin', Jamie Fraser is a scottish fella in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. he does have a stint as a pirate in book 3, Voyager.)

And so, now we find Jamie turning on his charm with Pirate Sami and he learns about her favorite RMT: Pirates! posts to date, mayhap you should visit them too to see if they are to your liking and possibly pick up GOLD COINS of your own...
join the hunt for coins
to win pirate booty!

One o’ me favorite stops so far be Lady Violet’s feature o’ Lai Choi San. Wonderful t’ learn about such a stern pirate lady!

Lai Choi San’s White Satin Robe
created by Liana's Paper Doll

And o’ course, how t’ talk like a pirate from Dr. Stravagante’s Traveling Book Circus. Thanks t’ Dr. Stravagante an’ The Pirate Guys, now even landlubbers be talkin’ like the most seasoned o’ sea dogs.

An’ I cannot forget Liana’s Paperdoll Blog, featurin’ information about The Gambler, Jacquotte Delahaye, an’ an outfit t’ go with it! I expect more wonders when I be settin’ sail again. Pirate Sami lifts her mug up for more ale.


The 10 Best Pirate Comic Books - Ever!
at MTV Geek

Terry and the Pirates
One of the most long running and influential comic strips ever, Milton Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates – like Hawks of the Sea – created a visual language for comics that didn’t exist before. An American named Terry Lee heads to China, only to encounter the titular pirates, matching wits, and outsmarting even the most dastardly among them. Caniff left the strip long before it ended (and long before the mid-90’s reboot), but his legacy stands the test of time. btw: Terry is also mentioned on this pirate queen post

Polly and the Pirates
Ted Naifeh’s exhilarating, hilarious, and touching story about a young sheltered blonde girl who becomes the most feared pirate ever is easily our favorite pirate comic ever. Not only is it a wholly original pirate story, but its great for every member of the family, mixing Naifeh’s patented dark humor with cartoonish pirates that manage to be both side-splitting and scary at the same time. You know, a perfect pirate story? Yeah.

Find out the rest in this top ten.


Looks who be sitting in the back corner of the tavern ordering grub. Pirate Penelope! She be in cahoots with Pirate Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (film opens US today - squeeee)



* image sources: Jamie Fraser

* Pirate Sami aka Samantha of Kakashisgf's World

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