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Tour Take: Detour 2 Death

Detour 2 Death
Extreme Hauntings
by J.R. Turner

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As this blog tour has completed its round, I shall pull out interesting bits from the various author guest posts so you can learn a bit about J.R.'s latest book. Click on blog names for full story.

Simply Megan:
excerpt: One of my favorite television shows is Supernatural and as I was watching it one evening, it occurred to me I didn’t have to arm my heroine with a gun—I could arm her with a supernatural ability.

Karen Syed:
On a more personal note, I’ve dealt with a lot of tragedy during 2010—much of it surrounding my father’s cancer and his death in February last year. As I wrote Detour 2 Death, I created an elderly man to advise Kaylee in the hospital. He is based on my father and working with his character was a way for me to keep him alive. This book will always have a special place in my heart because of this.

Sean Hayden
excerpt: For me, creating the three grim reapers that Kaylee has to battle in alternate planes of existence were really cool. The White Reaper works the hospital in real time. He collects the dead at Marsden Memorial is a formidable enemy. The Red Reaper, Molok, runs Davey’s Feverland and makes sure his victims suffer terribly before he collects their soul. The Black Reaper lives on the dark side of this reality, in a place called Shadowland, where he torments the ghosts of the dead who haven’t passed on.

Paranormal Indulgence
excerpt: AK: Which character was the most fun to write about as of right now?

JT: Madame Maggie was probably the most fun to write. She’s got a larger than life personality that’s just fun to play with.

The Subtle Chronicler
excerpt: Who is J.R. Turner?
I'm a creative person who loves tradition and making other people smile. I try to maintain a positive attitude, though I don't always succeed. I'm not afraid of hard work, but I can definitely be lazy! My favorite food groups are chocolate and pastries :)

Chris Redding
excerpt: Detour 2 Death is highly imaginative. The settings are mostly located in the realm of dreams and alternate realities. In Davey’s coma place, called Feverland, the world is a red desert filled with bat-bird monstrosities.

Random Musings
excerpt: A Guide to Being DFF’s with a Ghost
1.Forgive the dead their wardrobe. They can’t help how they look and a makeover only happens after they move on. To be friends with someone who died a hundred years ago, you’ll have to accept them as they are.

2. Be prepared to share their death. There are few more intimate ways to get to know someone else than by reliving their murder. Don’t fight against this special bonding moment—instead go with the flow and hope you survive.

3. Bad skin is nothing like the odor of decay and the gooey mush that often accompanies a century-old murdered ghost. Be polite and don’t stare.
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Jen Wylie
excerpt: When I came up with the idea for the Extreme Hauntings series, I intended to use hauntings and paranormal abilities as the main components of each book. What I didn’t intend was for the series to carry so many religious elements. This element grew stronger as the series progressed and as an intuitive writer, I believe it’s important to go where the story takes me and not shy away from certain aspects out of fear others will be offended.

Teens Read and Write
excerpt: I didn’t expect DETOUR 2 DEATH to take some of the twists and turns that it did. What surprised me most was an unexpected love interest with the archangel Raphael. He became swoon-worthy, even for me, his creator. Gosh that sounds weird, but I’m betting my archangel Raphael doesn’t have much in common with God’s archangel by the same name.

The Tales Compendium
excerpt: Jess: What inspired you to write your Extreme Hauntings series?

Jenny: My publisher asked me to write a young adult series and my eldest son kept bugging me to write something he wanted to read. So, after hunting for an idea I could get passionate about, I decided ghosts with a heroine who had paranormal abilities would be awesome. My son never did read the series, but my daughter is enjoying them very much.

Tea Mouse
excerpt: Kaylee, my heroine, begins as a very innocent, na├»ve fourteen year old skater girl and by the end of the series, she’s a warrior in her own right. Watching this evolution is fascinating for me. With each story set in a different haunted location, I allow the setting to inform the plot.

Word for Teens
excerpt: I think what makes the third book special is that Kaylee is really coming into her powers and finding out who she is as a person. Her ability to heal becomes a weight on her conscious during the course of the book. She questions how she can be expected to heal all the sick people in the hospital and worries she might heal a serial killer or a child molester. She finds some peace by the end of the book, but the next ones will challenge her greatly.

Reading Writing and Waiting
excerpt: I guess the biggest thing my readers all want to know about is the love triangle between Kaylee, her childhood friend Davey, and the archangel Raphael.

At first I didn’t expect Raphael to be anywhere near a love interest for Kaylee, but as time wore on and he showed her more and more love and interest, he became exactly that—a love interest! Seriously though, it was not planned at all. Characters have a way of feeling the way they do—despite the best laid plans. They’re sort of like us in that regard.

The Wolf's Den
excerpt: Kaylee can heal people, though she’s not sure how or why it happens. Her best friend suffers from a condition called Transverse Myelitis. This leaves him wheelchair bound and prone to infections. He ends up in a coma and she rushes to be with him, hoping she’ll be able to heal him and get him back on his feet.

Writing From the Tub
excerpt: The coolest part of writing Detour 2 Death was playing with the different attitudes about life and death, the natural and the supernatural, and the mysteries of the human heart—Kaylee’s to be precise.

Tina's Book Reviews
excerpt: I’m thrilled to share what’s happening with Kaylee, the heroine of the Extreme Hauntings series. She’s a great gal to write about, one of the more subtle, yet courageous girls I’ve written. For her, the world revolves around the loyalty she has for friends and family, but none so much as that she has for Davey, her best friend and the boy next door.

Planet Print
excerpt: When I began the Extreme Hauntings series, I didn’t want to write one word until I had the whole thing planned out. So I sat down and plotted all six books in the Extreme Hauntings series. But, as life happens, things change.


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Detour 2 Death
Extreme Hauntings
by J.R. Turner
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