Saturday, May 21, 2011

Triton's Tavern: pirate parrots

Triton's Tavern

It is day 21 in this small pirate town on the coast of the Red Sea. Pirate Vix and her trusty companion Goliath enter the local popular establishment known as Triton's Tavern. Rumor has it that the narwal may make an appearance any day now.

Tilly comes around and serves our captain with...

Death Served Till Noon
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As Capn Vix has her hearty meal she reads the local paper and comes across this illustration...

I'm Like a Really Fancy Pirate
from rage comics
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Wot? Wot be the matter, Goliath?

oh, OH, never you mind about such creatures, dearie, never you mind.

Capn Vix consoles Goliath as she quickly turns the page to hide the view from Goliath's teeny but all-seeing eyes.

This be wot Goliath be squwacking about...

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