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Zombie Punter by Zoe E. Whitten

Zombie Punter
by Zoe E. Whitten

Published: 2009
Publisher: Aphotic Thought Press
Genre: Zombies
Rating: 5

Description from the amazon:
Two friends planning for a zombie invasion have a chance to experiment when an outbreak occurs.

Eugene "G" O'Donnell and Jake Mahoney can't wait to test their theories on the undead. But what if the zombies aren't the "classic" type that G and Jake fantasized about?

Can they keep killing zombies once they learn the truth?

Will G get over his fears and admit how he feels about Jake?

Quote to note:
From the carts, weapons emerged, and in every face, I could literally see poeople turning off their humanity in prepartion for what was coming.
- location 890, chapter 9

Zombie Era series:
Zombie Punter
Confessions of a Zombie Lover

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): brains and brawn
Don't be fooled by the cover image. There's more to it than what it seems.

Cool twist to zombie outbreak survivors in a zombocalyptic world. The main characters involved actually have a plan for the zombies and are not just about smash and bash.

Should mention that there are a couple hot scenes with a touch of romance between a non-traditional couple. a-hem ;-D

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