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A Good Day to Die by Blodeuedd

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by Blodeuedd
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It was a good day to die. The sky was clear, the sun was shining, and she had new boots on. They were pretty boots too, green and made from real dragon skin. So a pretty good day to die.


She had been waiting for that call all morning. She threw away her umbrella and marched over the deck. Sailors were running around to battle stations, but she was as calm as the sea that they once had sailed on. Her lieutenant gave her the binoculars and the calmness started dripping away.

“Blasted!” She swore and turned to him. “Man the decks, I want everyone!” She then turned back and looked at the 3 imperial frigates closing in on them. This fight would be a bit bigger than she first had anticipated. But then who could have resisted stealing the gold going to the new world. It was a pirate’s dream.

Perhaps it was not a good day to die after all. Marissa looked down at the chains around her hand and ankles and swore again. How in the skies did this happen?

“Move along pirate.”

She got an elbow in her back and held back a curse. The Queen of the Sky captured by freaking soldiers.

3 months later...

It had been a long wait for her execution, but the day had finally come. They led her out to the palace square, and the crowds were roaring, the sound deafening. She was not very liked, since she was a pirate after all. But she held her head high and gave a few angry glances along the way.

The soldiers led her to the gallows, where they first stated her crimes, and this took a while. Quite a while actually, she had been a busy woman. She watched the noose and took one deep breath. But then the roaring stopped and silence fell. She could not help smiling when she saw “The Maiden” come soaring down from the skies. This was her turn and she managed to kick the solider close to her.

The other one came forward but she saw the fear in his eyes. Something she was fast to take advantage of. She slid down under him with a good kick to the groin. He stumbled down and she took his dagger.

Now a free woman she stole a sword and with a battle cry she attacked the rest. The fight was brief because she knew she had to get out fast. The rope ladder hung in the sky and she took hold, and flew away. With a laugh she saw the capital grow smaller under her. She climbed up and set her foot on her beloved ship again.

“A lot of new faces.” She frowned as she only saw a few from her old ship. But they skulked in the shadows.

“Lady Marissa?” A handsome man came forward and she smiled.


He smiled and too late she saw the dagger in his hand. As she fell down bleeding she saw the rest of her men get stabbed.

“Why?” She saw the blood pouring out and the man looked down upon her.

“You wear my brother’s skin you filthy human!” He spat on her and she closed her eyes.

Well at least she had been killed by a being worth fighting and not imperial soldiers. With that thought she smiled and everything went dark.


Pirate Flash Fiction post based on image source, A Good Day to Die by Blodeuedd of Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell created for ...and a bottle o'rum event. © 2011. All rights reserved.

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by Blodeuedd
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