Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pemberley Ball - Party Crashers

Pemberley Ball
November 20-22, 2009
3-day party

- an interactive blog party
- a Darcy love-fest
- prize trinkets

Are you undecided as to whether or not to come to the party?

Are you unable to commit the time to attend the party "live"?

No need to worry.

Just visit anytime during the party weekend

or afterwards to comment on party posts

and enter my Jane Austen related giveaways!

original invitation here


  1. That helps! I hadn't committed to the party because I wasn't sure if I could make the live times. That and my creative streak in my brain is malfunctioning and I can't think of a name.

    I will definately stop by and crash in on the fun!

  2. I definitely plan on popping in and crashing! :) This weekend's going to be a busy one, but I can't miss out on all the fun!

  3. Miss Elizabeth Jane Knightley looks forward to crashing the party! Thanks for the invite!

  4. I would like to announce the potential presence of Francis Faye Fitzwilliam (the illegitimate unknown and slightly risque daughter of Old Earl Fitzwilliam) to be in attendance upon The Pemberley Ball.

    May the Bon Ton swoon in anticipation ...

    With Best Regards,
    Mrs. Mary D
    Secretary to the Illustrious Miss Francis

  5. I'm crashing in, pssst where's the cake?
    I love our dresses, they fit cake eating so good.

  6. Greetings Dears. I an Captain Horatio Hansen of His Majesties Hydrographic Ship Sir Issac Newton, formerly the Lisbon packet. We have just returned from surveying Panama with several Fellows fron the Royal Society. I have missed plum duff sorely and look forward to a most excellent version of it at Mr. Darcy's ball.

  7. I completely lost my way at Pemberly... I have to make several after party visits, me thinks.
    *fainting ladylike first... because of the enormous task that lies ahead*
    Wowww this was a huge party, I never though... *fainting gracefully*


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