Thursday, October 1, 2009

Only Milo coat

If books were coats...

(a weekly post where I create fashionable wear with book cover art)

Only Milo
by Barry Smith

Release date: September 2009

- a mystery

Description from book site:

From the Depths of a Closet Full of Dusty Manuscripts…

…comes Milo, author and murderer extraordinaire.

Educated at the School of Dexter, with a major in CSI, Milo emerges from his quiet, SPAM-laced retirement to become an unseen force in the literary world, covertly publishing his novels in another author’s name.

But when Milo’s illicit ghostwriting is nearly exposed on national television, he’s left with only one option: murder. In a world of egotistical, no-talent authors and duplicitous, back-stabbing publishers, he becomes determined to get what he deserves.

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My autographed copy of Only Milo by Barry Smith.

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*source for silhouette
Imagination Designs
Images from: Lovelytocu