Thursday, October 1, 2009

Only Milo coat

If books were coats...

(a weekly post where I create fashionable wear with book cover art)

Only Milo
by Barry Smith

Release date: September 2009

- a mystery

Description from book site:

From the Depths of a Closet Full of Dusty Manuscripts…

…comes Milo, author and murderer extraordinaire.

Educated at the School of Dexter, with a major in CSI, Milo emerges from his quiet, SPAM-laced retirement to become an unseen force in the literary world, covertly publishing his novels in another author’s name.

But when Milo’s illicit ghostwriting is nearly exposed on national television, he’s left with only one option: murder. In a world of egotistical, no-talent authors and duplicitous, back-stabbing publishers, he becomes determined to get what he deserves.

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Open to all.

Offer ends: October 31, 2009


With blogging comes some organization of thoughts and a creation of to-do lists written down or hovering in the forefront of the brain.

Comment below with item(s) that are on your blog to-do list to enter this giveaway. You know, something you would write on a post-it note.

for example:
- create IMM for next Sunday
- write review for (insert book title here)

+1 per extra to-do item (up to 5)
+1 mention this giveaway on your blog
+1 tweet
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+1 any other social network service

My autographed copy of Only Milo by Barry Smith.

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  1. I love your dresses! This book doesn't sound like something that would interest me. I just wanted to check out this weeks dress.

  2. Great coat. I quite like the sound of this book too.

    My blog to-do list is:
    1. Fix the colour scheme
    2. Update my review archives
    3. Update reading challenges
    4. Write some more reviews for New zealand book month
    5. Work on my IMM post for Sunday


  3. That dress is great! (no need to enter me in the giveaway) I love the Only Milo bookcover - great image!

  4. Sounds great!

    My blog to-do list:
    1. Write reviews for the books I've read in the past month
    2. Vlog about something bookish (been meaning to do this for ages)
    3. Host another international competition
    4. Get some guest bloggers so I can take some days off
    5. Write a post about writing my novel!

    stephbowe (at) ymail (dot) com

  5. LOL, what a fun assignment! It's not the giveaway triggering me to post (part of) my blog's to-do list but the fact that it might be an extra push to actually get around to doing those tasks ;)

    I am glad that I just posted my most urgent book review yesterday (To Kill a Mockingbird) so I won't need to name it here! ;)

    Top 5 to-do's:

    - Review Brideshead Revisited (and summarize e-mails about the of online bookgroup) for What's in a Name Challenge & Classics Challenge

    - Add a button for my Bookcrossing Releases Googlemap

    - Write post about vegetarian restaurants in Funchal, Madeira

    - Recipe post about vegetarian lemper

    - Review The Grapes of Wrath for Classics Challenge (I might actually start with this one because it is still fresh in my mind...)

  6. Someone was reading this on GR and started telling me about it. Can't remember who...
    I am constantly thinking of things I need to do, and I know I don't have time.
    +1 experiment with Halloween theme, or other theme
    +1 figure out a way to reorganize things and make them easily accesible
    +1 add third column (maybe?)
    +1 Review! I have a list, and I am starting to forget things. I need to review!
    +1 finish up and post some memes I've been thinking of. I really want to do them, but...


  7. +1 Linked in my sidebar at

    +5 To Do List
    1. Add RSS Feed for users who don't have blogger
    2. Post IMM in a couple of days, after I get around to going to the library.
    3. Do research for a New Music post
    4. Finish reading Homecoming from the Tillerman series and post a review.
    5. Buy some books off of amazon / my local book store.

    hey, i'm holly and i'm new to the blog world. would love to win this prize :) my email address is:

  8. The book really sounds interesing, i would love to read it. And about my blog-to-do list,
    1. i should do IMM for today
    2. review of nothing to fear but ferrets. Finished some days ago but i just cant find time enough to write it
    3. Finish reading pride, prejudice and zombies
    4. Add a new section and some gadgets
    5. Start a poll

    +1 tweeted (

    Thank you for giving us this chance :D!
    battyaboutbats at


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