Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hook-Hand Killer Tale

I'm featured in a Halloween Week special feature
by Harry of the Temple Library Reviews

His entry called “Gather the 13” poses a question about horror, myths and lore and thirteen bloggers from different cultural background and genre preferences will answer this question from their cultural background.

The questions asked of me was:

What scary stories about monsters and ghosts did you grow up with?

I'll preface my post with an excerpt below as you'll have to go to Harry's site to read the rest of my contribution. BTW, I'm number 6.

I grew up in the United States so my background is very American. I had parents who got into the whole assimilation process that I hardly have any touches of my ethnic background of the Philippines. I would like to share Filipino scary folklore but all I can give you are some lumpia and pancit recipes. However, I did do a post on the Wak-Wak that may be of interest. I recently encountered this deadly Filipino paranormal creature while trolling the internet.

Yeah, so like many Americans all I have in my scary knowledge base are the the fly from The Fly, shark from Jaws, zombies from Romero's Night of the Living Dead, Jason from Halloween, Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street and Chucky from Child's Play. Sorry to say, I haven't seen any recent stuff in the theatre except for Zombieland.

I have been exploring horror films from other countries though. Interesting perspectives.

OK, back to the question at hand...

Excerpt from Harry's site:
Below is a campfire ghost story my Uncle told me in the 70's that I thought at the time was unique and one that he created. I'd get the shivers after listening to this story every time he told it. For he repeated this tale many times during my childhood as I have younger siblings and cousins who were introduced this tale. read more here

After you read my entry it's pretty tame. I know. But, actually it is a good thing that I haven't really encountered anything so traumatic. For me, all things scary are found in books and film.

And, I'm curious to know if you have come across the scary story I mentioned.

How would you answer Harry's question?

What scary stories about monsters and ghosts did you grow up with?

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