Friday, October 23, 2009

Shapeshifter Alien

Inspired by Misty of Book Rat's Helluva Halloween Spotlight On: Shapeshifters

-and this post is also part of my Helluva Halloween challenge
Another non-werewolf shapeshifter that comes to mind that I like is:

Odo of Star Trek's Deep Space Nine tv series

For his appearance in book form, there are a slew of non-canon Deep Space Nine novels released since 1999 to present.

As you may guess being in the sci-fi world, Odo is an alien. He is pictured here in humanoid form but when in his natural state which is a sort of goo he resides in his bucket.

Have you come across any alien shapeshifters in your reads? Do tell.

*image source

Imagination Designs
Images from: Lovelytocu