Saturday, October 24, 2009

Read-a-thon: Honouring Dewey

A Striped Armchair asks that we take a moment:

Dewey of The Hidden Side of the Leaf began the read-a-thons. She passed away quite suddenly (at least suddenly to the book blogging community) last November 2008, which is why the read-a-thon has been renamed in her honour.

While I did not know Dewey, I can see that her book loving spirit has been kept alive through read-a-thons like these. Thanks to Dewey's past efforts the book blogging community comes together twice a year to share in the love of books and blogging.


  1. I knew Dewey just a tiny little bit and was touched by her community spirit.

    Hope you are enjoying your reading!

  2. Thank you for participating.

  3. You are really doing great! Isn't the time flying by? I am starting to feel exhaustion setting in, but blog-hopping is helping. Keep up the good work.


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