Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dewey's Read-a-Thon October 2009

Giving it another go.
My second one.
October 24, 2009
5:00 am - PST

Dewey's Read-a-thon is on again. My first one was back in April. I lasted 8 hours. This time I'm planning ahead and setting aside the time to be home and awake for the event. Also, gonna go shopping for some good munchies.

My prospective reading list:

short story from Steampunk edited by Ann & Jeff Vandermeer - my review

short story from The Living Dead edited by John Joseph Adams - my review

short story from Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman - my review

essay from Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands by Michael Chabon - my review

short story from Tales by H.P. Lovecraft - my review

one of my Japanese novellas for my November Novella challenge - my review

snuck this one in at the end:

Fables: War and Pieces by Bill Willingham - got up to page 90 - my review later

a couple chapters from Mansfield Park by Jane Austen - didn't get to it

a couple chapters from The Awakening by L. J. Smith - didn't get to it

The order of reading and list items are subject to change depending on my mood.

I figure a variety of reading material will help keep things interesting and keep me awake. Not sure how much reading will get done as I'll be visiting other blogs and blogging too.

Beware, next Saturday you'll see hourly posts regarding the reading material listed above and mini-challenge posts thrown my way. Any of your comments would be most welcome during the read-a-thon. If you're a night owl, please stop by.

Have you done a read-a-thon before? How did it go?

Will you being joining in?

Why am I doing this?

uhhh, for the challenge
plus the fact that the little bit I did in April was fun ;-D


  1. This is going to be my first Read A Thon-I can't wait. I have a feeling the books I've chosen are much too long to complete them all, but I wanted a variety of books to choose from.

  2. That sounds like a great assortment for reading - a little bit of everything - and all in small enough doses that hopefully you won't find yourself nodding off. I'm not taking part, but it's because the end of the year somehow got incredibly packed, and I don't know how I'll keep up with my 'normal' reading and blogging, not because I wouldn't like to. Have fun and good luck!

  3. HOURLY updates??? I'm not going to make that, I've got some actual reading to get done!

  4. This is my second read-a-thon also; have fun reading!!

  5. Some of my favorite books there. Have fun! Good luck!


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