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Mad Men s3.9

Mad Men Season 3, Episode 9
Wee Small Hours
Sunday night on AMC

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Episode Synopsis from TV Guide:
Client satisfaction proves to be difficult for both Don and Sal; Betty decides to host a fund-raiser.

My thoughts:

My hopes have been dashed. So much for a deeper relationship between Betty and Don. *sigh* So, it goes. This is the show. The ugly sides of life among the beauty.

Betty - blah, blah, blah, she is so bored and it hits home with her fantasies in her fainting chair and love-letter writing. The pursuit of a love affair and then abrupt ending to its beginning provides some drama into her life but not enough to relieve the boredom. I think she even gets a thrill in creating a facade in front of Carla.

Betty's emo moment in Harry's office with throwing the metal box across the room was as priceless as her moment shooting the birds with a rifle in her backyard in season one. ;-D

Sally - starting to show her strength with her persistence for a new pencil case.

Carla - this invisible character is really starting to emerge and come to view in the show this season which parallels the civil rights movement of their times. I'm looking forward to what they reveal about her. btw, she is pictured above.

Miss Farrell - I repeat, stay away from Don! ugh!

Peggy - barely there, she kept herself in-check in response to Don's frustrations and moodiness, oh yeah, quickly learning office politics

Joan - no Joan

Quotes that got me

Because I'm new and different
or just the same? -Miss Farrell responding to Don

I hate to say this, but it's really made me wonder about civil rights. Maybe it's not supposed to happen right now. -Betty commenting to Carla

Blogosphere bits:

Excerpt from AMC Q&A with Deborah Lacey (Carla):
Q: Has being on the show spurred an interest for you in the era?

A: I was the tenth child and the youngest girl in my family, so I had all these older sisters who grew up in the '60s. I remember the flip hairdos with the bangs and how three of my sisters would imitate the Supremes. They were also definitely aware and involved in politics, watching what Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were doing.

What's so amazing about being on this show is that my mother was a maid in the '60s for Bob Denver. It's not like there was a lot of opportunity for work for black women at that time. When you think about the history of what we've overcome, there's no way I could turn down this role. I would have to be ashamed of where I come from to deny that's who we were at that point in history. And how much has changed.

Speaking of housekeeping... found some fun was to Mad Men your home here:

How to Give Your Home Mad Men Flare by Cherie Burbach excerpt:
Decorate with Fashion: Take a fashion item from the 60s and use it as a focal point. If you love a certain item, say pill box hats or purses, gather of few of them together to make a bold statement. For example, purchase a hat tree to place in the corner of a living room and then fill with unique hats from the 60s. Or, create a focal wall using shelves and purses.

How to Find Mad Men Home Accessories by Cherie Burbach

'Mad Men' set decorator Amy Wells on the best Pasadena vintage shops by Jay L. Clendenin

Wonder if we'll see this book as a prop in the Draper household - a copy of the bestseller The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan on Betty's nightstand (or hidden between the mattresses) in the near future ???

Through her findings, Friedan hypothesized that women are victims of a false belief system that requires them to find identity and meaning in their lives through their husbands and children. Such a system causes women to completely lose their identity in that of their family.
-from Wikipedia

*Bravo! for Mad Men 2009 Emmy award wins for Outstanding Drama and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series!

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