Saturday, October 17, 2009

Only Milo - 2

With blogging comes some organization of thoughts and a creation of to-do lists written down or hovering in the forefront of the brain.

Everyday through the end of the month, I will post blog to-do items I've received from my Only Milo book giveaway entries.

How about you?

Do you batch your review writing or do you write reviews right after the read?

I usually try to write book or movie reviews within two days while it is fresh in my mind. Otherwise, I can get distracted or engulfed by a new current read.

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Why not send me some items on your to-do list that I can post?

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  1. This I do. I can't read any faster than I'm posting so I never fall behind.

  2. Hm, I actually have a To Be Reviewed pile next to my desk...which I try to get to but from my lovely little procrastinating spirit I usally don't get to until like a week or so after (I know horrible huh? lol) Which is pretty bad for me because I usually forget the finer parts of the stories.

  3. Exacty my problem: I actually need to review books when they're fresh in my mind (preferably before I've started reading a new book) otherwise it's getting harder and harder to do... But there is so little time! :(


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