Friday, October 16, 2009

Only Milo - 1

With blogging comes some organization of thoughts and a creation of to-do lists written down or hovering in the forefront of the brain.

Everyday through the end of the month, I will post blog to-do items I've received from my Only Milo book giveaway entries.

The post-it above mentions colors on your blog. Is this something on your to-do list?

Since the BBAW awards last month, a lot of bloggers have changed their layouts and colors based on suggestions and tips learned from the event.

Makeovers can be fun but time-consuming. So, make sure to take this into account when blog tweaking.

Blogosphere bits:

Color Psychology - an article on what colors mean

Quiz - What color are you?

*post-it reminder blurb created by
Rebecca of Everything To Do With Books

*entry for Only Milo book giveaway
-offer ends October 31, 2009

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