Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello Japan!

Hello Japan!
a mini-challenge about Japan
hosted by In Spring It Is The Dawn

This is my acceptance post which will also house links to challenge posts.

Each month there will be a topic and/or activity relating to some aspect of Japanese literature or culture. Each task shouldn't take more than a couple of hours, unless you opt to do more, and is meant to be a fun way to let you experience a little taste of Japan no matter where you live. A new topic will be posted at the beginning of each month and you'll have the full month to complete it and post about it on your blog. more details here

October post - 2009:
task -read or watch something Japanese that is scary, spooky, or suspenseful

Japanese Female Ghosts

Japanese Female Demon from the Ring

Ring by Koji Suzuki - my review

Black Hair part of Kaidan - my review

Woman in the Snow part of Kaidan - my review

Hoichi, the Earless part of Kaidan - my review

In a Cup of Tea part of Kaidan - my review

November post:
task -eat Japanese

Japanese treats

Virtual Thanksgiving Bento

December post:
task -choose a temple or shrine in Kyoto and share what you learned about it

Kyoto temple


January post - 2010:
task - Japanese music

Japanese Taiko

February post:
task - Japanese film


March post:
task - Haruki Murakami

Sputnik Sweetheart - my review

April post:
task - celebration of spring and sakura

Ode to things Sakura

May post:
task - Japanese sports and Japanese athletes
- i missed this one :-(

June post:
task - Manga

July post:
- to be announced


* why not join in? more details here

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