Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vampire Diaries s1.5

Vampire Diaries
Episode 5
You're Undead to Me
Thursday night on CW

-my weekly vampire eye-candy segment

-for my Vampire Diaries challenge and Helluva Halloween

Synopsis from TV Guide:
Stefan reveals part of his past to Elena, who later hears a disturbing story about the Salvatore family from a stranger. Meanwhile, Bonnie seeks advice from her grandmother (Jasmine Guy) about psychic abilities she possesses.

My thoughts:
So, I finally watched this DVR'd episode last night. Had to before tonight's ep, ya know.

The hubby walked by, sat on the couch and watched a few minutes. Then he got up and said, "What is this? They're all beautiful and hot looking high school kids. That's not realistic." To which I said, "Yeah, yeah. It's my vampire eye-candy show." And then he walked out of the room to go beddy-bie.

On to the show... heee

Just when I was wondering about the diary writing, we finally get a glimpse of Elena writing. I don't remember much of it last couple episodes. It seemed to take a back seat. But the title of the show is Vampire Diaries. Will we get to peek into Stefan's diaries, soon I hope?

We now know that the superpower day rings are made of lapis lazuli. Love that color of blue. But how about that sparkly crystal that gives off a pentagram-y image? Is it a yellow sapphire or yellow topaz?

With Damon locked up and in a weakened state, we didn't get the snarky remarks and funny one-liners. However, we DID get more Stefan.

He can cook, mmm

especially Italian mmm-mmm

He can make fresh mozarella. mmm-mmm-mmm

He loves garlic!?! huh?

You know the saying... The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. Well, maybe not every woman. But, yes for me. How about you?

I wonder. When Elena touches and kisses Stefan, isn't he cold to the touch?

Poor Caroline - I think she's such a sweetie. I hate how Damon is using her as a pawn.

Poor Vicki - has she been drained?

ooo, loved the witchy moments. I'm so liking the telling of Bonnie's storyline. And, woo-hoo! Jasmine Guy is in the house!

Great ending. I like how things are moving along.
Quote to note:

Be careful. What you don't know can hurt you. -Elena

Blogosphere bit:


In Medieval Europe, people thought that if a werewolf died, (s)he came back as a vampire (aka: vampiric werewolf). East European countries combined werewolves and vampires into one creature called a "Vulkodlak."
Excerpt from: Weres v. Vamps post by Travails of A Budding Author

On a holding pattern in reading my copy of book 1 - The Awakening.

Are you watching this show? and what did you think?

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