Monday, October 12, 2009

Steampunk Weekly - 2

Steampunk Wedding Cake
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-my weekly post on things steampunk (Victorian sci-fi/fantasy)

-totally inspired by steampunk posts written by Celia of adventures of cecelia bedelia

Gail Carriger
Author Reading of Soulless
October 11, 2009

I joined an intimate crowd at Borderlands Bookstore to listen to Gail Carriger read from the just released book, Soulless. The passage read was a scene where main character, Alexia, goes for a "walk" with confidante, Ivy. During their meeting Alexia proceeds to tell Ivy that she accidentally killed a vampire.

Here are some FAQs from the Q&A session:

- Gail has an Archeology background.

- Gail loves tea. Refreshments served included a HUGE pot of tea with an assortment of cookies.

- References to historical characters used are of lesser known bodies. So, Nikola Tesla wouldn't appear in her novel. However, you'd meet Tesla's assistant instead.

- Gail has a thing for hats. The hat descriptions in her books are based on real hats. Her favorite to date is a purple one she made. It will make its appearance in book 3.

- The 3rd book takes you to the continent.

- A future idea for a book may be about steampunk in the old west.

Seanan McGuire author of Rosemary and Rue (another book I gotta get) was in the crowd. There may have been other authors but they weren't pointed out for me to know.

Gail's mom was in the house and helped with the tea. Mom's are great!

Extra bits:
Read about the story behind the cover art.

Gail's BIG FAT CONTEST has been posted today.
-offer ends October 18, 2009.

Gail's take on the book event here.

Steampunk sightings:
Weekend before last, we went to join the festivities at the Renaissance Festival at Casa de Fruta. What a surprise it was to happen upon a booth devoted to steampunk clothing. Yes, with top hat and goggles too! We found that Pendragon Costumes has started a new line of steampunk clothing called Mad Girl Clothing (website coming soon).

The hubby reported to me that this weekend's Burning Man decompression party had steampunkers in the crowd.

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