Saturday, October 24, 2009

Read-a-thon: Hours 2-7

Hello all,

Checking in now after a bout of breakfast, reading and blogging. My how time flies! I was planning on doing hourly posts, but so much for that.

I've had my second cup of coffee and stopping there... for now.

It's cool and foggy in my part of San Francisco, perfect for staying indoors and reading. I may take a short walk down to the beach if the sun burns through.

I'm feeling pretty good and sitting in different places when I read to keep things lively.

Read so far:

short story from Steampunk edited by Ann & Jeff Vandermeer - my review

short story from Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman - my review

short story from Tales by H.P. Lovecraft - my review

Before I continue with my next batch of reads. I'm heading over to Dewey's to catch up on fellow participants and mini-challenges.

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