Friday, September 25, 2009

Vampire Diaries s1.3

Vampire Diaries
Episode 3
Friday Night Bites
Thursday night on CW

-my weekly segment for my Vampire Diaries challenge and Helluva Halloween

Synopsis from TV Guide:
Stefan joins the football team after an impressive athletic display. Elsewhere, Elena invites Stefan and Bonnie to dinner in hopes that they will bond, but Damon disrupts the evening with an unexpected visit; an act of violence shocks the town.

My thoughts:

I'm still liking this show. It's my vampire candy for the week.

I liked the dinner scene when Stefan tells Bonnie about Salem witches being independent and head strong.

OMG! The slap scene was a show stopper.

Damon continues to be of interest. From the last scene of him and Elena, we see that he has a teeny tiny bit of humanity in him despite his evil display.

Anyone, any time, any place. - Damon

Team Stefan.

Blogosphere bit:

Ian Somerhalder interview with Eonline


Damon starts out pretty darn evil—is he likely to soften, or is that something he'll stick with for a while?

He sticks with it for a little while. I think that's his thing, and he has such a good time doing it. There are moments where you may see some sort of humanity in him, and there are moments when you may see that he may not be as intense as he appears to be.

The books tell a fairly wide-ranging story. Do you see the TV series falling more on the epic, romance side of things or small-town gothic side of things?

The beautiful thing about Kevin is that he has this ability to mix together a genre, the small-town aspect of it, and take epic romantic aspects of it and then the scary aspect of it, where when you finally settle into your seat or couch a little bit, it pops up and makes you jump. To answer your question, I don't see it in any one given place. I see it as a mixture of all those elements.

Finally started reading my copy of book 1 - The Awakening.

I might be biased because I watched the show before reading the book. But, I love the TV Elena more than the book one. Maybe this will change as I continue reading.

And yes, as everyone has been saying there are differences. But ya know, I don't mind... yet.

Are you watching this show? and what did you think?

If you missed the original airing time, you can do what I did.

Watch any of the episodes online for free at Cast TV (click pic to view):

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