Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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The New Zed Order: Survive
by Todd Sprague

Release date: September 4, 2009

Excerpt from A World on Fire's post:
Todd Sprague: Not another zombie story, you say? Well, I wanted to write a story about not only survival, but of how a family would survive. Not just desperate loners, drifters, gangs, or soldiers, but a real, connected family. An extended family at times, but still a family. I firmly believe that in every situation, not just zombies, that it’s family that will get us through, that will keep us going when everything else tells us to just lie down and die. That’s why I decided to put Survival in The New Zed Order down to pen and paper, so to speak.

Description from publisher:
The dead have come back and they are hungry. They are strong, they are tough, and they are everywhere. Savage packs of undead wander the world, feeding on the living. And they are getting stronger.

Brattleboro Vermont was a small, quiet town filled with good people and small town charm until something brought the dead back to life and turned them loose on an unsuspecting world.

John Mason and his lovely young wife Sara believe that family can survive anything. Together, along with their brave little puppy, they take to the mountains of John's youth and build a stronghold against the encroaching darkness, protecting not only themselves but their families and others lucky enough to SURVIVE in THE NEW ZED ORDER.

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