Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mad Men s3.6

Mad Men Season 3, Episode 6 
Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency
Sunday night on AMC

A surprise visitor shows up at Sterling Cooper; Sally gets spooked by something (or someone); and Joan is the recipient of some surprising news. 

My thoughts:
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-for a great recap go to What's Alan Watching?

There is so much going on in the show on so many different levels and layers and overall. I've decided that I'm going to post my brief thoughts on the women of the show. 

Joan - she was Superwoman and really showing her super powers during the lawnmower incident. She also shines at home in how she dealt with hubby and his predicament.

Betty - although she was making an effort to comfort Sally with a Barbie, she remains the ice queen to me. brrrrr.

Sally - woo-hoo! more Daddy bonding

Peggy - touching moment when she shows her appreciation of Joan, funny that she fainted during the lawnmower debacle

Quotes that got me:

Look at that, the suspense is killing him. - Roger referring to Don

This is your little brother. He's only a baby and we don't know who he is yet or who he's going to be and that's a wonderful thing. - Don speaking to Sally

Blogosphere bits:

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks (Joan)
On Cover of InStyle Weddings

Hendricks talks about her upcoming nuptials to actor Geoffrey Arend, including details about her dress. 

This is the doll Sally got from Baby Gene. Come to think of it, I never owned a "true" Barbie. I remember having pseudo-barbie dolls. But not the real deal. How about you?

Bravo for Mad Men on their 2009 Emmy win in Best Series, Drama!

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*check out Footnotes of Madmen for tidbits of the show and time period.

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