Thursday, September 3, 2009

Night of the Living Dorks (2006) movie

Night of the Living Dorks (2006)
aka Die Nacht der lebenden Loser (2004)

Director & Writer:  Mathias Dinter
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Zombies
Rating:  4

(Aug 29 to Sep 6, 2009)
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Description from Netflix
Philip (Tino Mewes), Konrad (Thomas Schmieder) and Weener (Manuel Cortez) -- the three biggest dorks at Frederich Nietzsche High School -- get a second stab at coolness when they're killed in an auto accident and reanimated as flesh-eating zombies. Thanks to their rapidly decomposing bodies, there's no need for eating or sleeping, which leaves plenty of time for partying, girl-chasing -- and getting even with their enemies.

Zombie speed: normal but with superhuman strength

Zombification: zombie ashes used with a Haitian spell. also, the "goodness" factor inside the person determines the rate of transformation

Zombie mode: high functioning 

My thoughts
In-a-word: loser - not

I'm offering up a German zombie film today. Yes, this is one of those teenage boy fantasy flicks with the usual cliches and fun zombie action thrown in. There's a crazy scramble for a "cure" after the zombification process begins. 

It was interesting to see the German take on zombies and popularity. Very colorful movie in regards to how it was shot. Also, very entertaining in a Weird Science kind of way.

Ewwww moment:  stapler and a certain body part

Extra tidbit:
According to IMDb, another Night of the Living Dorks is slated to be released in 2010. I'm guessing it will be the American version.

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