Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mad Men s3.5

Mad Men Season 3, Episode 5 
The Fog 
Sunday night on AMC

Concern over Sally's behavior causes Don and Betty to act; opportunistic Pete tries to work a new angle into his business dealings; and an odd dream has a strange effect on Betty. 

My thoughts:
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There is so much going on in the show on so many different levels and layers and overall. I've decided that I'm going to post my brief thoughts on the women of the show. 

Betty - this episode was Betty-centric. She is so focused on her baby's arrival that she does not want to deal with daughter, Sally's problems. So it goes in all episodes.  

It was interesting to learn that in the 60s, the preparation for birthing included a shave and enema. Wonder if the demerol was standard procedure or optional like today.

Poor Betty, her situation with the new addition to her family does not bode well for a soul that wants more to life.

Sally - finally has a Daddy bonding moment with Don

Peggy - she has a great assertive nature to go right up to Don and talk about a raise. Too bad the outcome is not what she wanted. The cliffhanger now is whether or not her loyalty to Don and Sterling Cooper will keep her in place.

Joan - not seen much, but interesting to note that she was included in a board meeting

Miss Farrell - Sally's teacher is portrayed as the sad spinster teacher. The scene with her on the phone with her bra strap falling down her arm and a drink in her hand was very telling.

Quotes that got me:

The worst fear lies in anticipation. - Don

What if this is my time? - Peggy

*source of image: Don and Betty’s Paradise Lost by Bruce Handy

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