Tuesday, September 1, 2009

E. Van Lowe - Past, Present and Future

The Past
When I was growing up I was good at sports. A jock. I also read a lot. An intellectual. I had the incredible good fortune of being able to run in several circles, although I could never seem to bring my various circles of friends together. In fact, my two best friends--one a jock, the other an intellectual--at times told me they hated the other. I attempt to explore the idea of bringing various cliques together in Never Slow Dance With A Zombie. Flash forward: Those two hating friends are now the BEST OF FRIENDS. I LOVE that! I also love teasing them about how much they used to hate each other.

The Present
I am very happy with my life right now. I write full time at home. I never thought I'd enjoy not going to the office but I love it. I work out in the morning, and then I write. My big daily challenge is figuring out what to do for dinner before my wife gets home. No, I don't cook. But I have become quite adept at calling restaurants for take out.

The Future
I'd love to be more conversant in French and Italian... Okay, conversant in French and Italian. My foreign language skills are the equivalent of hunt and peck. I need to find the time to master a language besides Klingon... Oh, wait! I haven't mastered that either.

*guest post from E. Van Lowe - author of Never Slow Dance With A Zombie
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