Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Woke Up Dead

I'm also waiting for...

Woke Up Dead

Webisodes are start online: October 5, 2009

Drex (Jon Heder) is everyone's favorite poindexter. Then he goes and fulfills every emo goth kid’s dream by waking up in a tub full of water, without a heartbeat, and suspects he may actually be dead. It’s not easy to cope with being a nerd and a zombie.

See preview trailer and episodes here


  1. XD That looks pretty funny, too bad webisodes tend to crash my computer. :(

  2. Glad you are excited about can catch Woke Up Dead, and more zombie action - over 40 zombie and horror movies, at Zombiefest, our humble tribute to our favorite undead being :)


    Community Manager, Crackle


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