Monday, September 21, 2009

Helluva Halloween Challenge

~~ completed ~~
by the pricking of my thumb
something wicked this way comes
- Macbeth by Shakespeare

I'm gonna join Misty's Helluva Halloween Challenge at the Book Rat (along with my bazillion other challenges) this month which runs to the end of October. ;-D

This challenge is pretty fun one where you read or watch and post on things scary or supernatural. Check out details here.

Misty has got some interesting posts at her site:
Spotlight On: Zombies
Spotlight On: Ghosts
Spotlight On: Ghouls
Spotlight On: Vampires

Stay tuned for my scary-like posts starting this week.


Japanese Female Ghosts

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman - my review

Ring by Koji Suzuki - my review pt 1

Ring by Koji Suzuki - my review pt 2

Black Hair part of Kaidan - my movie review

Woman in the Snow part of Kaidan - my movie review





Zombie books:

Cluck: Murder Most Fowl by Eric D. Knapp - my review

This Year's Class Picture by Dan Simmons (short story) - my review

Tokyo Zombie by Yusaku Hanakuma - my review

Rot by Michele Lee - my review

Zombie movies:

American Zombie (2007) - my review

Zombieland (2009) - my review

Zombie misc:

Vampire books:

Vampire Haiku by Ryan Mecum - my review

Hybrid by Angie L. Reed - my review

Vampire Diaries: The Awakening by L. J. Smith - my review

Vampire movies/tv:

Vampire Diaries - various entries


The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry - my review

Wicked: The Musical - my review

Other things Halloween-ish:

Haunted Houses - Disneyland Haunted Mansion

Call of the Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft - my review

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