Friday, September 18, 2009

Girly Pirates

Arrr, how about some girly fun?

Head over to The Doll Palace and create your own pirate dolls or select an image or two for your blog to celebrate Pirate Week!

- my daily segment for my Pirate Week challenge September 13-19, 2009 hosted by Gofita's Pages


  1. Hahah! Love the pirate! Great fun...

  2. Arh, tis fin'ly arived! Talk Like a Pirate Day! Been lookin' fo'war' t' this all week long! x_o

  3. Arrr, it be talk like a pirate day! grrr, i be talkin' an' I be dressin' as one too, canna wait to be makin' me own pirate girly! Shiver me timbers, this be a great pirate post, arrr!


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